Sunday, 23 October 2011

Introducing our Teachers: STEPH HANNA

The third in our series of blogs entitled 'Introducing our Teachers' features the super Steph Hanna. Here is what she said:

Tell us a little about you and your family?

Im Steph, I live in Drumreagh - near Ballygowan- with my hubby Colin and my 2 amazing sons Dainiol, who will be 18 at the end of this month!!, and wee Mason who is 3. We also have 2 doggies Monty Moo and Walter.  Dainiol is at tech in Bangor and works part-time in Supervalu in Comber. Mason just started pre-school. Colin works away in London all week and gets home every weekend. This works well as it makes weekends special for all of us. I feel very lucky and proud to have all my boys around me.

During the week I work from home as a childminder, take care of the boys and the house. I'm also going to evening tech studying BSL Pre-Level 3.

Why did you become a Sign2Music teacher?

I had taught myself some signs off the internet when Mason was a baby after reading an article about the benefits of signing with hearing children. I then signed up for some signing classes in my local area (not Sign2Music) with Mason when he was about 5 months old but found them haphazard so I left after only attending 2 classes! This didn't put me off signing and I luckily found Sign2Music classes in Bangor on the internet. We just loved it right from the 1st class. I loved how structured and fun each class was and Mason was amazed at the music, puppets, shakers and especially the bubbles. And that was us totally hooked!
I had been thinking ahead to what I would be doing with myself when Mason started school. That's when I decided to apply to become a Sign2Music teacher. I now get to work with fantastic children and their wonderful parents doing something that I love and am passionate about.

Where do you do your classes at the moment?

I deliver Wrigglers classes in The Hall Cherryvalley Drive Comber, The Elim Church Carryduff & The Methodist Church Cairnshill and a Movers class in Comber as well. I also have an after school club in Millisle Primary School and The Mother & Toddlers group in Strangford.

What are you are most proud of about yourself?

The way my eldest son has grown into a gorgeous person. As parents we are here to love, guide and nurture and looking at my big son now I think I got it right  :-)

Your favourite signing experience(s) (personally or one that has been shared with you)?

My favourite experience of baby signing would be when I was out for a walk with Mason when he was 9 months: He was frantically signing Cat and I kept saying 'Where?' as I couldnt see one. Then out of a garden walked a big white cat! Mason had spotted it 1st and was telling me all about it, I just thought... bless ....x
I had an experience shared last weekend when a mummy from class rang me at 8pm on Saturday nite. You could hear the excitment in her voice! She said she had to ring me to tell me her 9 month old daughter had just asked her and daddy for a bath! She even signed it again and they got to record it. It had been a big day for her as her daughter had just taking her first steps too. I felt so excited, emotional and proud for them!

What would you do if you won the lottery?

How do you know I havent already ????????

Tell us a secret about you?

I brush my teeth 6 times a day.

Your favourite film? Book?

City of Angels and The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time. The book makes me recall things from my childhood. It's an amazing true story seen through the eyes of a boy called Christopher.

Who makes you laugh?

Definitely my boys, even the doggies

Who inspires you?

Anyone who has overcame hardship or trauma in their lives.

What would you say to someone who was thinking of becoming a Sign2Music teacher?

Yes do it, you will get to meet some wonderful people and the best part of it is the children. From the wee cutie smiles and waves to the big goodbye hugs and cuddles. Every day is such an adventure for them and you become part of their journey....x 

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