Saturday, 29 October 2011

How Lucky Am I?

I was 'born and reared' in Belfast but always wanted to live in 'the country' when I got older. Then 'the country' I meant was a little cottage on White's Road that led to Colin Glen, where I went walking as a child. We used to head off with our packed lunches and make our way to the waterfall and up the glen. It took us all day and we thought we walked for miles but were only a stones throw from home!

I also used to play with my friends in the fields around home. I was obsessed with Enid Blyton so when I wasn't climbing trees, bouldering up the river with my friends or playing in our secret tree hut I went to look for mysteries with my dog Prince!

When I got married I moved to Co Down, which really is one of Northern Ireland's most beautiful counties. When I lived in Belfast, Eoghan and Aine had their own waterproofs, ruckacks and walking boots and we often spent Sunday on the Trassey track! I spent many days bouldering in Bloody Bridge, trekking through and camping in the Mourne Moutains with groups of teenagers. However, since moving to the area I have rarely been to the Mournes. Why do we often not appreciate the beauty that we have on our doorsteps?

There are some fantastic places to go and amazing historical sites in Co. Down and throughout our beautiful country. I have made it my mission to try to introduce my children to as many of these places as possible before they refuse to come with me!

Inch Abbey

Loughinisland Churches
Struell Wells
Stepping Stones, Tollymore
One of the benefits of being a Sign2Music teacher is being able to travel to and from classes. I am lucky that my classes are in beautiful places. My first 'job' yesterday morning was a taster session for a Mother and Toddler group in Kilkeel, about 45 mins drive from my home. I set off, looking forward to the session but seeing the drive as an inconvenience to be endured to get there.

How wrong was I!!! It really brought home to me the beauty I have on my doorstep that I take so much for granted! I was blown away by the amazing beauty that I have seen a million times before, but for some reason never really appreciated in the same way! Driving along the coast with the sea on the left and the Mourne Mountains to the right....what a way to drive to 'work'!!

How lucky am I!!

Newcastle, Co Down
Dundrum Bay

The Mourne Mountains
Bloody Bridge

Bloody bridge

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  1. I feel the same way Deirdre - I grew up in west belfast and spent many summer holidays caravaning in Newcastle! Now I live here I forget how special it is. Driving into NEwcastle from Dundrum in the morning with my head buzzing with a hundred things to do and look up to see the mountains (different every time!) - helps put everything in perspective and gives me sense of calm - great way to start the day! xxx