Thursday, 1 September 2011

A Life Changing Week!

What an eventful week for the McLaughlin family! First of all my 15 year old twins, Eoghan and Aine got their first year module GCSE results. They both did really well and I am proud as punch! Eoghan now has a GCSE in Maths (with a Grade A). I am very lucky to have 2 sensible, intelligent and kind hearted kids, although like all teenagers they have their moments.......

There was no time to rest on our laurels as we headed off on a family camping trip for a couple of days to Cranfield, the most southerly part of Northern Ireland. My husband has drawn parallels with our family holidays and those of the famous Griswalds. If I told you some of our Griswaldy experiences you would fully understand! A blog for another day! We had a lovely break, except for going to the wrong campsite first, the stinking weather and a huge bout of sickness for most of the family, not a good thing in a tiny caravan with 5 people! The smell of 'boke' is not easy to get rid of let me tell you! And of course on the way back the 'main' road through Kilkeel was closed off because of a festival. As is typical in N Ireland there was a diversion sign and then no further instructions where to go after the first turn! So we got lost up and down tiny streets and had to do a U turn with a caravan in tow. Let's just say there were a few lively discussions in the car!

The final big event of the eventful week was Cara starting school. Yes my baby Cara, the inspiration behind Sign2Music, headed of to P1 on Tues 30 Sept. She looked so grown up in her uniform and seems to have matured overnight. She was great with no tears in sight, but I can't say I was. It was the strangest empty feeling leaving her there and heading home without her. I have done the P1 first day thing before with Eoghan and Aine but I suppose then I was pretty sure it wouldn't be the last time. This time was different. It feels like the end of an era. I need to pull myself together and see it as the start of a new exciting era but can't help feeling sad the preschool years are gone!

                                      FROM THIS                                                                               TO THIS

I did have an interesting signing experience collecting her from school on her first day. All the parents were waiting outside and the children were queueing up in the hall to leave. Cara looked through the window and waved. I thought she had forgotten to lift her coat and signed ' Where's your coat'. She lifted her arm in the air, proudly showing me that she had indeed remembered her coat and was actually holding it! You see, signing works, even for P1s!

So now I am the Owner of a business focused largely on preschool children but no longer have a preschooler of my own! Every sentence will have to start with 'I remember when...'! However, I am confident that I have given Cara a headstart by signing with her during her preschool years. She is heading off into the world of primary school with so many skills that have been enhanced by signing. She can read, write, add, subtract and tell the time. She is a confident and caring child with great communication skills. I know she will continue to use signs to help her communication, literacy and mathematical skills in the early years of school. The world is her oyster!

Deirdre :)