Monday, 16 January 2012

My Promise to You

As you all know Sign2Music is not a job to me, it is my passion, my chance to live my dream by helping everyone share the huge benefits and massive joy that can be gained by the use of signing.

As a business Sign2Music has a Vision Statement. My vision for the future is this:
1. For signing with babies and children to be mainstream in families, nurseries and school and to be accessible to everyone.
2. For Sign2Music to be a popular and respected name, providing high quality programmes and products throughout Northern Ireland and beyond.

Our Mission Statement, ie, how we achieve these aims is:
1. We provide high quality programmes throughout Northern Ireland.
2. We work to raise awareness of the benefits of signing with all babies and children and to produce useful, affordable and accessible products.

Sounds a bit lovely dovey, but that's me, heart rules my head! I have been on a 3 day training event recently which has made me realise a lot of things about how I run Sign2Music. Because it is my passion, I have not treated it enough as a business and sometimes find the 'money part' uncomfortable, which I realise is a disservice to Sign2Music and to you! I have often felt like using the word business somehow diminishes the values and beliefs that drive what I do. I have put my everything into trying to reach as many people as possible, spreading myself too thinly. As a result I have not done everything I should have.

Well, here and now I am going to commit to actions in 2012! Here goes....gulp!

1. I will produce the long awaited Sign2Music Vol. 2 CD.
2. I will produce record a Sign2Music DVD
3. I will facilitate an open training event for nursery / childcare professionals
4. I will ensure Sign2Music covers as large an area as possible by recruiting more Sign2Music Licensed Teachers.
5. I will produce materials so that those unable to attend Sign2Music classes can still access our services.

There I've written it down, not just on my computer but for you all to keep as evidence to hold me to account! Hope I don't live to regret this, lol!

I am really really excited about what lies ahead for Sign2Music for 2012. I promise to work hard to for you all and hope that the amazing support for Sign2Music from you all that drives me onwards continues this year. Thank you all!

Deirdre x


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  2. Wow what an inspirational business woman you are! Your business plans are absolutely great. I wish you all the success in the world.

  3. Brilliant, wishing you every luck, you are sure to be successful!