Thursday, 26 January 2012

Confessions of a Procrastinator

I'm nearly afraid to say it out loud but the tax return is done AT LAST!! It only took me several weeks of searching handbags for scraps of paper, hunting through bank accounts, bank statements, invoices and finding envelopes of receipts in different places. Any accountant reading this will be disgusted at my lack of organisational skills, financial know how and lack of planning!

This is typical behaviour for 'Deirdre Procrastinator Extraordinaire'! I was always the one sitting up to 2 and 3am the night before exams cramming or writing the assignment the night before it was due at school and university.

People often do not realise the amount of preparation and planning that goes into every Sign2Music class, especially in the first term. Knowing this never encouraged me to have the bag packed a week before like other sensible people would do! No no, I always 'faff about' and leave most things to do the night before once the children are in bed, often staying up 'til 2am or later!

The tax return has been hanging over my head for months. I knew how much preparation was going to be involved in getting everything ready to submit it. It is such a small thing in my busy life, not something I want to prioritise or focus too much attention on. However, it really has become a huge mountain that I have had to climb to allow me to focus on the 'big things' I have planned for Sign2Music.

Running a small business is a very fulfilling role and has been one of the most amazing learning experiences for me. It is also a time and life consuming role, especially, like me if you have a job and a family too! A small business owner has to be an expert on so many things, not only the field in which they are operating: computer skills, social media, book keeping, PR, marketing, organising, planning, networking, communicating, to name only a few! We do not have a personnel department, communications department, finance department and a collection of policies and procedures to refer to!

I have never employed an accountant or any other business or personal support services as I always say I can't afford to and can easily do everything myself. I have now realised I can't afford not to! The amount of time, effort and stress preparing for today would not have been necessary had I approached it like an organised business woman would! Had I completed this months ago there are so many things I could have been doing instead!

Promise to myself! This me! I have already started recording as I go along, clearing out my purse and filing and recording receipts regularly. I have accepted the support offered by my husband and 15 year old IT whizz son! My books will be sent to my accountant in April /May and I can say goodbye to another small thing and put it into the hands of an expert!

I would say I am now going to sit back and relax, but there is the small matter of my house! Anyone fancy cleaning it for me!? ;-)

Deirdre :)


  1. Well done you, it's a hard lesson to learn that you can't do everything brilliantly just because you own the business. I agree it is far better to use your fab skills on the things you love, now where are those cleaning fairies

  2. Thanks Elizabeth. It's like trying to juggle a load of plates and smashing them all!! And was that you offering to clean the house for me?

  3. Well done Deirdre. You are a super busy woman...a family, a job, a business and the I'm aware you put 110% effort into all you do. I'm glad to see you are going to delegate your accounts! There'll be more of you available for parts of your life and work I know you love.