Saturday, 9 July 2011

It's summer time again!

Can't believe we're into summer term already! Looking forward to summer sessions, summer schemes, more sessions for National Deaf Childrens Society (NDCS) and of course our Annual Sign2Music conference at the end of July.

I also had the chance to take a short break and reflect on the past year, while sitting in a leaking tent in the rain...... What a year it has been for Sign2Music since last summer! Reflecting on where we are now compared to this time a year ago has been refreshing. Not only do we have 2 fab new teachers, Bahia in North Belfast and Laura in East, we have also had a year of HUGE publicity for Sign2Music in Northern Ireland and the UK. The publicity has largely been due to our nominations, and later reaching the final of the What's On 4 Little Ones Junior Awards. We are so grateful to the amazing support we received which helped us get to the final.

From Mar 2011 we have had a number of fab local media articles. Thanks to the newspapers who profiled us:

23 Mar Down Recorder:

19 April Dromore Leader:

27 April 2011 Down News:

I am particularly grateful to Jim Masson, Editor Down News. He not only wrote 2 fab articles but used his influence to campaign on our behalf for votes, as he was impressed by what we do and the benefits it can bring to children!

9 May Andersonstown News:

14 May South Belfast News:

24 May 2011 Down News:

9 Jun 2011 Ulster Star:

14 Jun 2011 Irish News:

The Irish News article was fantastic publicity for Sign2Music as one the biggest newspapers in Northern Ireland!

We also had a few shout outs from local celebrities to support our Award nominations: Pete Snodden, Lucy Evangelista and Wendy Austin on Twitter. Wendy Austin even mentioned us on her talkback show! Emma Kearney and Lynda Bryans mentioned us on their Facebook pages.

I am particularly grateful to the local businesses in Northern Ireland, particularly my local Co Down businesses who supported us in reaching the finals. I am so grateful to the new connections I made during this time.

Oh, and did I mention we were on TV? Yes the SevenThirty Show came to visit one of our classes and filmed the class, an interview with me and some of the parents. It was edited to a very short clip, but still great to have Sign2Music featured on TV!

I wonder what the next year will bring.......

Deirdre :)

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