Sunday, 6 May 2012

Happy Birthday Signing Sandy and Daisy Doggy!

It is so hard to believe but Sign2Music will be 5 years old tomorrow. This time 5 years ago Sign2Music was just a dream. I had completed my interview and test with Sign2Me and was awaiting to hear if I received certification as a presenter. Some of you may not know this but Sign2Music originally started out as Signing Kids. And Signing Sandy has had quite a few image makeovers in the past few years. Not only has he dyed his hair and changed his clothes, he has also had quite a bit of 'work' done and is a lot more handsome than he was in 2007!

What a whirlwind the past 5 years have been. We have had such fantastic feedback from our service users and colleagues and are always striving to improve the services we provide and reach as many people as possible to spread the joys of signing.

We have had a lot of ups and downs along the way of course! Reaching the finals in the What's On 4 Little Ones Awards in 2011 and being nominated in 3 categories in 2012 is definitely one of our great achievements.Voting for the 2012 Awards closes TODAY! Your vote would be a fabulous birthday gift for Signing Sandy and Daisy Doggy. It only takes a minute to vote in the following categories:
   1. Best local activity for under 5s.
   2. Most Outstanding Activity Leader for Under 5s ( N Ireland & Scotland) (Deirdre McLaughlin)
   3. Best Children's Party Entertainment

I've even sung again for your vote!

We are very grateful to those of you who helped and supported us over the past 5 years! The wonderful children, parents and carers we work with have been our inspiration! Thank you all so so much.
Deirdre :)


  1. Congratulations D. What a wonderful achievement. I wish you even more success for the future.

  2. It is inspiring to see just how much you have achieved in only 5 years whilst also raising 3 beautiful children. I look forward to watching your business blossom and thrive in the future and wish you success in all you do

  3. Thanks very much Elizabeth. I have learned a lot from you and of course those lovely Jellybeans x

  4. When you have a  reason to celebrate ,CELEBRATE BIG!! Forget about the same old greeting card and send them  Birthday Signs for their lawn instead. Birthday signs is sure to put a smile on their face.